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Aug. 9th, 2009

l o n g A S S e n t r y .

So I’m currently at my father’s office, furiously typing away on the keys of my beat up MacBook. I promised a Warped Tour entry, and alas, here it is. I couldn’t exactly type it during my 14 hour flight back home. I was playing tour guide and Oahu extraordinaire to the lovely South Carolina family I was seated next to. Lovely people, really. Anywho, on with the Warped Adventure!

July 12

Goodbye Honolulu.

July 13

Hello Chicago. Flight got in about 9am. I had the sweetest cabbie drive me from O’Hare to my apartment. Ellen and I waged war on the dog hair. Needless to say, it was a stalemate.

July 14

The ladies and I set out at 0530 for Philly. We made a couple of pitstops, one which notably was in Cleveland where we got fabulous milkshakes and sandwiches at Tommy’s and said hello to Jenna’s mom. Our twelve hour drive stretched into sixteen, I’d say. We got to Leigh and Irene’s place pretty late and ordered ourselves some white pizza. Showered. Set the alarm. Bed.

July 15

Hello Scranton! Scranton wasn’t too bad this year, let me tell you! I did not experience the HOB merch room syndrome nor did it take me forever and a day to reach the bathrooms. The drive to the venue took about two hours and boy was it a douse of déjà vu!!! We pulled into the very rest stop where we purchased Cinnabon last year! Huzzah! Side note, we encountered three dirty old men that were very cheesy and asked us if there was a beauty contest in town in that Guido-ish manner. GAG!!! Got to the venue and dealt with a security guard who was spazzing out about having credentials. NGL, it made me laugh. I should’ve recorded the entire episode. Saw Tom riding around on his bike and wanted to jam a stick right in between his bicycle spokes just for kicks. Yeah, I’ve been told I’m evil. Anyway, our reunion with Katie was wonderful and we met the oh so notorious French ambassador Baptiste. Now I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that Frenchie was apprehensive of our arrival. He really didn’t talk to us, but I guess it works both ways because we really didn’t talk to him either. Though, I felt at the end of the day his apprehension lessened a bit when he saw that the ladies and I could hold our own. Highlights of the day? Chris and Brian of Therefore I Am doing self-breast exams. Ellen sleeping under a table. Nat from 3OH!3 doing a self-breast exam for Fuse. Jenna bolting out of the Girlz Garage to watch Less Than Jake. All in all, wonderful first day on the job.

July 16

Day off in Philly. Took the car into Midas for an oil and filter change. Cabbed it to Market Street and got ourselves some legit Philly Cheesesteaks at Pat’s King of Steaks. Let me tell you, those cheesesteaks were absolutely delish! Wit-Wiz, please! Booked it back to Midas and got the car. Our cabbie was very, very creepy on our way so yeah… very awkward turtle moment. We went to Target and I bought some MJ CDs to play in the car because we were all seriously lacking some MJ in our lives. Jenna miraculously found an IKEA right next to a Best Buy with a giant ship in the view right next to a Chick-fil-A. I know, right? It was amazing!!! We went into IKEA and walked out with cinnamon rolls. Oh! Philly, I love how you stay classy. We pumped gas right in between two gentlemen’s clubs. Highlights of the day? Being sent upstairs for a blind vote on HP. Getting ice cream with sprinkles and skipping on the way home.

July 17

Hello Camden! I love how you’re only ten minutes away from Irene and Leigh’s. Jenna, Ellen, and I were able to catch up on some much needed z’s. We drove over the “dreaded” bridge and found ourselves in Jersey. It was a pretty relaxed day, hot, but relaxed nonetheless. Baptiste seemed to warm up a bit to us, I suppose that had to do with the fact he found out we were his age, and we talked about France. Apparently, if I drove the way I do in France, I’d have my license taken away! Crazy!!! Sometime in the afternoon, Katie kicked Ellen and I out of the tent because she had to have the Spencers volunteers working the tables. I begrudgingly left my shelter and walked around the venue. Originally, Ellen and I planned on seeing A Day To Remember. However, their crowd was just too epic for us to even catch a glimpse. I don’t know why. I don’t know how. I plain just don’t know. We watched Jeffree Star in the amphitheater. What made me feel all the more pathetic was the fact I knew his lyrics. To make things worse, the Millionaires went on right after. I swear, I felt like I was having a brain aneurysm while they were performing, if you could even call it that. I shudder to think what the future holds for the music scene. Highlights of the day? Baptiste threatening me [in a joking manner of course] with a pair of cutters. Talking about skylines and Detroit pronounced Detwahh [lol]. THE TORRENTIAL DOWNPOUR AS I DROVE OVER THE BRIDGE!!! TomTom taking us in circles as we search for a Denny’s. Ack. Adventures, adventures. We can’t get enough of them!

July 18

Yet another day off in Philly. It was then that we realized that Baptiste was in fact hinting he wanted to go to Philly. Man are we oblivious! Anyway, today was our day around the city. I felt like such a tourist, but I didn’t care! Philadelphia is so full of history and it was amazing. I felt like Riley in National Treasure, yo! We hit up Independence Hall, Benjamin Franklin’s grave, Second National Bank, etcetera etcetera. During all of this, we had lunch at Cosi’s. Never ate there before and I was pleasantly surprised with the deliciousness that was my Sesame Ginger Chicken sandwich. Alas, this was our last night at Leigh and Irene’s. Highlights of the day? Our adorable tour guide whose name escapes me. Photo sesh at the Olive Garden. Finally watching Indiana Jones.

July 19

Hello Oceanport! The drive to the venue took about two hours. In those two hours, we found a Sonic! Hell yes! Let me tell you, my Sonic breakfast was delicious. I actually ate something, guys! Adding to our already great morning, it was Baptiste’s birthday! YAY!!! Katie had informed us of our little Frenchie’s birthday in Scranton so the ladies and I bought a package of confetti poppers and noise makers. If you recall from last year, Canadian Mike [love that dude] was absolutely enthralled with confetti poppers. We wondered if Baptiste would react the same way or think we were stupid. I am glad to report that he was fascinated! The tent was decorated with a couple of balloons and a Happy Birthday banner here and there. Our Spencers volunteers were very lovely that day. One of them was named Shawn and it was his first Warped Tour ever, guys! I give kudos to Shawn because he saved me from getting a concussion ala picture frame. Gravity is not my friend, yo. Jenna, Ellen, and I end up watching Less Than Jake, which was amazing btw. After breakdown, we embarked on our journey to Boston. Our four hour drive turned into seven because Connecticut hates us. KISS OUR ASSES, CT!!! Whatever, I got to eat a quesadilla. Highlights of the day? Learning that everything is because Baptiste’s French. Seeing Lisa again. Painting on Jesse’s wall.

July 20

Day off in Boston. However, it wasn’t just a day off in Boston. It was Ellen’s big 2-1! Yay! And apparently, it was Jesse’s 25th. Anyway, we all got to sleep in that morning. Though, we originally intended on waking up in time for free breakfast, but that just didn’t go according to plan. Showered. Got cute. Called a cab. Our cabbie was uber Bostonian. Seriously. Guys, do not jaywalk or he’ll run you over. No really, he will. We went to Johnny Cupcakes where low and behold, we run into Tom. I bought a new phone case because I’d been meaning to for quite some time. [Plus, Baptiste was ragging on about how my PF case was a piece of crap that wouldn’t protect my phone…] Grabbed lunch at Wendy’s and Fandango’ed HP showtimes. We walked all the way to the movie theater by Fenway, which was no problem whatsoever. We’re from Chicago. We can handle it. HP was kind of disappointing, NGL. Katie couldn’t make it out to dinner with us on account of her being sick and Baptiste, well, we just didn’t have his number. The three of us head to a Starbucks to get some planning done for what to do that evening. Jenna and I found a place called Burton’s Grill that wasn’t too far from us. Thank you, iPhone and TomTom. Our waiter was awesome and recommended what to eat. This was the day my appetite started dwindling. Of course it would happen the day I wanted to pig out. We then cabbed it over to Finale where we had an awesome waiter named Steve! I was sitting alone at the table when Steve arrived and we chatted and he kept me company until Jenna came back. Let me tell you, WE LOVE STEVE. I am going to write a letter to Finale that demands Steve originally from Maine now from Boston gets a raise because he totally deserves it! Highlights of the day? STEVE. PERIOD. [I guess that was redundant, but whatever.]

July 21

Hello Boston! The morning drive was kind of depressing on account of all the rain, but hey, we were going to Warped Tour, so who could complain? The only thing I will complain about, however, is all the cold! I was not appropriately dressed for the weather. I met Brian, one of Katie’s friends, and chatted with him for sometime. Cool dude that Brian. Baptiste joked around and asked if I’d found myself a new boyfriend. What a dork. Brian was a guest artist and painted luchadores on canvas. Speaking of painting, I painted on Jesse’s wall. Check out http://somanywalls.com when you have the chance to see what’s been going on with that! Highlights of the day? Walking onto Katie’s bus and being greeted with, “HELLO DREAM TEAM!” by Christian. Being covered in mud and grass. FINALLY GETTING DENNY’S!!!

July 22

Day off drive to Charlotte. There really isn’t much to say other than the drive was long. I texted my cousin as we drove through Virginia and found out she got called into work. Boo. I was looking forward to seeing her and my baby nephew. Highlights of the day? Jenna dancing to Brass Monkey in the driver’s seat. Our adorable waitress at Chili’s.

July 23

Hello Charlotte! I love you Charlotte, North Carolina. Seriously. I actually ate some breakfast! Anyway, when we got to the venue, we saw that the tent was up. However, when we got inside, it was like Humpty Dumpty and we couldn’t put it together again. Cesar accidentally knocked over one of the poles so the Girlz Garage came crashing down. Not to worry, the set up crew got our tent back up! I guess I should’ve taken the crash incident as some kind of omen because I got clocked in the head by one of the lids of our bins and I received the worst phone call ever. I’m not going into detail about it. All that needs to be known is that I had a very public meltdown/cry sesh. I felt so loved though when people asked if I was okay. It was because of them that I got through the day! Yay for awesome people! I painted thirteen times that day. Jenna was off having arts and crafts time with Katie the entire day. Man was she covered in plaster when she came back to grab her phone! That left Ellen, Baptiste, I to hold down fort because our Spencer’s volunteer Sarah got sick. Boo. OH! OH! How do I go about talking about Charlotte without mentioning “those bitches we hate”? Their linebacking leader wasn’t there so it wasn’t too bad having them around. I guess she was still with her mole people. Highlights of the day? Security guard Drew. Getting hugs from people. Dancing to NSYNC. [Thanks Nick from Truth!]

July 24

Hello Orlando! Man oh man was Orlando hot! Guess what? The tent was down, yet again. This time it wasn’t because Cesar barreled it over with his Monster jeep. It was just too hot to do anything. As we waited for the tent to go up, Katie told us the story of her first day with Baptiste and how she thought he was angry with her. “What did I do?!” Turns out he was hungry, not angry. LOL at the French for not pronouncing their h’s! Jenna was helping Katie again with the plaster caster torsos so Ellen, Baptiste, and I held down fort for the most part. We got into the game “Rate That Girl” and let me tell you, Orlando, you were failing! Ellen and Baptiste were debating Angels and Airwaves versus Bayside, yet again, then for some reason, a water fight ensued. I don’t know why or how, but I got pulled into the debacle. I ended up grabbing ice and slipping it down his shirt as Ellen dumped water on his head. HILARIOUS! Tatiyana from T.A.T. came in and played acoustic with Laurita. Afterwards, Baptiste did an acoustic set. Ellen thought it’d be funny to write AVA sucks on my knuckles with Sharpie. I showed Baptiste afterwards and he wrote Bayside sucks on his own. Kind of hilarious if you ask me because he then wrote AVA rules and Bayside sucks on my right shoulder. I, in turn, wrote cabrón on his arm, which means bastard or motherfucker in Spanish. He then starts to write something on my left shoulder and I hear Jenna say “Put a S there.” I couldn’t read what it wrote so she took a picture of it for me and it said “I <3 douchebags.” TRAITOR!!! So I surreptitiously took Baptiste’s phone and ran out of the tent. Apparently he didn’t believe Jenna so he started looking all over for it. When I came back, he asked where it was so I bolted again. This time he ran after me. Visual? It was like the parting of the Red Sea as I ran through the throng of Warped kids. EPIC!!! Highlights of the day? Trojan Steve dragging me out of the tent to go see underOATH. SHOWERING!!! Skipping out on the after party for the Queen of England and PBS.

July 25

Day off in Orlando. Jenna, Ellen, and I woke up on time and got our free continental breakfast. I stomached some apple juice for the sake of trying. We ended up going to Universal Studios! Fun day, guys! We hit up Dr. Seuss Land first and, my oh my, it was magical! We then went to the Lost Continent and boy was it epic. That Poseidon thing was a trip!!! The guide was super hilarious! LOVED him. Jenna couldn’t stop cracking up whenever he opened his mouth to talk. “BDD. Big Dead Dude.” Priceless. Lunch soon followed after at this cool restaurant that I nearly got lost in. We text Baptiste, asking about his search for a nine and learned about Alex Skis-Skis. Afterwards, we found ourselves going on the Dueling Dragons ride. Oh. Em. Gee. Workers at that park need to know their shit as Jenna would say. I nearly got into a fight because some girl and her friends decide to say some pretty derogatory things in Spanish. If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Entiendo todo lo que dice!!! Thankfully Jenna was there or I probably would have gotten kicked out. After the ride, we moseyed around and went to the surf shop we passed on the way into the park. The cashier recognized me so I yelled for Ellen and Jenna to come over. He recognized all of us because he was at Warped the day before and bought a bracelet! Afterwards, we got fro-yo from TCBY and were thisclose to getting tattoos at the Hart & Huntington next door. Highlights of the day? “I’m gonna DIEEEEEE!!!” Getting our bags back from the lockers and witnessing total bro fail.

July 26

Hello St. Petersburg! Thankfully it wasn’t as hot as it was in Orlando. I probably would have killed myself had it been another Orlando. Today, our Spencers volunteers were fucking awesome. Yes, they were that great that I had to add unnecessary curse words. Their names were Tracy and Christina and they were probably the best volunteers throughout the entire trip. Jenna and Katie did more errands, which left Tracy, Christina, Ellen, and me with Baptiste. Ew. KIDDING! Anyway, they came back with Dunkin’ Donuts which made my day. STORY! During set up, two girls came to the tent asking for tape. After they left, I turn to Ellen and asked “Wasn’t that Kira?” Girl hauls ass out of the tent and I follow right after. I believe I said something along the lines of “Girl is gonna get fucked UP!”, sending the volunteers into a fit of giggles. Christina Ko came in and took pictures of us for a fashion trend blog. Qua? Guys, I actually left the tent today! I went to see All Time Low and The Bouncing Souls. According to Ellen, well, everyone, I never leave the tent. It was kind of shocking that I left the tent on numerous occasions, I suppose. At one point, I was walking around with Baptiste’s laminate because he wanted to exchange a shirt he got from Lights and I got roped into doing it. Again, most likely as a ploy to get me to leave the tent. We played “Rate That Girl” once more, but this time, it was of my Facebook friends. Apparently, I have hot friends! “Ella Ella Ella…” Oh Baptiste, you silly, silly boy. Highlights of the day? Ellen and I karaoke-ing it as we sang Blitzkrieg Bop and American Idiot. Jenna laughing at us. AWKWARD TURTLE!

July 27

Day off in Tampa. BUSCH GARDENS! Oh I love you, Busch Gardens. We arrived a few minutes after the park opened. The longest wait was fifteen minutes, if even that. Jenna wanted to ride her two roller coasters. Ellen wanted to feed her giraffe. I wanted to go on my safari adventure. Needless to say, we all got to do what we wanted to do! We rode the Montu, the SheiKra, and the Kumba all in under an hour. SheiKra had a 90 degree drop and they were evil in making it stop so you’re looking straight down. “Damn you Busch Gar…DEEEEEEEENS!” I will admit, though, that it was fun. The Budweiser Clydesdale horses were there as well and I got a kick out of being able to pet them. They were so soft in comparison to the giraffes we petted during the safari. Jenna found otters and that made her day all the more wonderful. They were napping! Highlights of the day? Riding first row for the Montu. Pretending we were Jesse. Not having to wait in long lines.

July 28

Hello Atlanta! Or should I say, Hotlanta? I was frustrated with TomTom as we drove to Atlanta because he lost signal when we needed to exit. I was seriously PO’ed. Thankfully Jenna and I switched. I listened to some Disturbed and KoRn in the backseat then everything was dandy. Necklace shipments came in so I made necklaces for the most part. This was the day I began sounding like a boy who hadn’t gone through puberty. My voice was shot and it was not pretty, but Laurita didn’t care. She had me go up and sing Wrong Way by Sublime. I actually left the tent and caught In This Moment’s set at Ernie Ball. It was awesome! Highlights of the day? Katie showing us her nasty fireant bite. Getting dinner at Gladys Knight’s Chicken & Waffle restaurant.

July 29

Hello Cincinnati! It was raining during set up and we had to unload the truck because somebody broke down early the day before. It was punishment. Boo. Whatever, we made it fun. We were set up next to Skate4Cancer [love. love. love.] and BridgeNine that day and boy was it a fun time! I mean that wholeheartedly. I danced barefoot in the rain for quite some time. Katie left to get her foot checked. Baptiste had to get something from his bus. Ellen and Jenna left to go to the bathroom. So I was left with Laurita, Michelle, Terry, Danny, and Luis. It was a grand ol’ time, let me tell you. Terry and Danny decide to comment on my dancing. Luis wanted to make tin can boats to float down the river that formed in our tent. Michelle kept telling me to dance. Laurita, well, Laurita disappeared at some point to who knows where. All this time, I failed to notice Rob Dyer watching the entire thing. Oh. Em. Gee. DIE. The rain was on and off throughout the day. At one point, I got to chuck totebags into the crowd that accumulated in the Girlz Garage. It was so much fun. Ellen got Baptiste to see Bayside. Girl dragged homeboy from the tent since the stage was right THERE. I finally got to see Escape The Fate and Gallows. FINALLY. Highlights of the day? Making an ass of myself in front of one of the cutest guys in the world. [Typical Gail.] Eating Skyline for the first time. Being able to sleep in my own bed that night!

July 30

Hello Milwaukee! Oh my good Lord. The drive to Milwaukee took forever and a day since there was construction. We did not get breakfast and the people that worked the venue sucked balls. Seriously, we kept getting different information as to where we could park. It was 0920 when we finally got out of the car. It was fine though. They’d just started to put things up. I mean, Baptiste was hanging banners still. So we were in the clear. Jenna and Katie booked it to the bank after set up so, as per usual, Ellen, Baptiste, and I held down fort. This was also the day where all of our friends showed up. I made new friends as well. Yay for fostering friendships! Christina Ko saved Ellen and me with her delicious Luna Bars until we got Chipotle. Turns out Baptiste likes Mexican food. I know, right? Dan and I were trying to explain to him what he could order from Chipotle. In the end, Dan and I ended up going to Chipotle for Frenchie because whatever I ordered is what he wanted. Anyway, the day progressed and I helped out at the Hurley side of the Girlz Garage since KAB was overstaffed. I played DJ until Kam from 3OH!3 came in to really DJ. Kam was such a sweetie. He and I were trying to figure out the PA system and got to talking. We figured it out and house/techno music filled the air. Typically Kam DJs for half an hour, but half an hour turned into two hours of awesomeness! Christina Ko and Luis got the dance party started. It started out with two, then Baptiste, then Ellen, then I got dragged into it. It was a nonstop party! Taylor, other Dan, Michelle, and Julie then came in and we all just danced. Eventually Nat and Sean came in and then came the teenies. After breakdown, Jenna, Ellen, Dan, other Dan, Taylor and I head down by the water to wait for Baptiste since we decided to hang out. The BBQ was fun. Dan was standing right behind Alex of ATL and commented on how you never put ketchup on hot dogs. Saw Roy from the Metro hanging out afterwards. WHAT?! Talked to Nat of 3OH!3 for awhile about Pipeline Cafe and Hawaii and bodysurfing. He shook my hand, which I thought was weird, but whatever. Interesting night! Highlights of the day? Getting tipsy off of whiskey from a plastic bottle. Learning that I gave Pete from the Bouncing Souls a massage. [WHAT!!!] Getting lost in a parking lot.

July 31

Day off in Chicago. My oh my. After months of anticipation, I finally got my Hot Doug’s fix. I had two Chicago dogs and large cheese fries. Delicious. After Hot Doug’s, we did a Target run. We basically went all over the city running errands. When we got back to the apartment, I took a much needed nap. I got a text from Baptiste, which kind of annoyed me because I was having a lovely dream at the time. Whatever, the contents of the text message were enough for me to forgive him. Haha. Dan called and Jenna picked him up. Sleepover! YAY!!! Ordered Giordano’s deep dish pizza. Went up to the roof. Took pictures of the city and what not. Gossip sesh. Highlights of the day? “OH MY GOD! GIANT SPIDER!” “It smells like Fruity Pebbles and urinal cakes.”

August 01

Hello Chicago! It felt wonderful to be back in the city that I love so much. Ellen, Dan, Jenna, and I got our BK breakfast, complete with French Toast and extra Tater Tots. Sadly, we did not build our Tater Tot tower. I started laughing because when I looked up at the menu, there was Dutch Apple Pie. If you don’t know, we call Baptiste “Dutch Pie” because Jenna heard “Dutch Pie” come out of that his mouth instead of “Douchebag.” Dan brought brownies for the Girlz Garage because he thought Laurita hated him and thought brownies would win her over. Silly boy! I helped out at the Hurley side for awhile because, yet again, we were overstaffed at the KAB side. I played DJ throughout the day and, man oh man, it made me smile when Terry came in. He was dancing and singing and complimented my “superb DJ skills.” Kevin Lyman came in at one point and I didn’t recognize him at first, but when he took off his hat I literally had a “HOLY CRAP!!!” spazz moment. It rained on and off during the day. I got some Nerds from Dan and somehow Baptiste stole mine when he already had his own. I came to the conclusion that Baptiste was the French version of Mike. While working on the KAB side, I befriended a guy named Matt who was wearing a kilt. Jenna, Dan, Baptiste, and I then had a chatty chat about crushes. LOL at Baptiste being a 4 in Dan’s book! I just about died from laughing when Frenchie told me to protect him from girls who weren’t 9’s. OH! We finally found a 9! Make that a 9.5! I got her to talk to Baptiste and he was mad blushing! Of course, karma bit me in the ass because I got a phone call from Johnny. Highlights of the day? Learning songs about treehouses by bands called I’m From Barcelona who are in fact from Sweden. Hugs from Rob Dyer. Security guards thinking we were high in the Subway parking lot. “Okay, bye!” “I AM A LAMINATE PERSON!!!” “FO’ FIVE DOLLA, SHE LOVE YOU LONG TIME!!!”

August 02

Day off, drive to St. Louis. Guess what? I got two tickets. That’s about it. You can suck it, Springfield. Highlights of the day? Getting Buffalo Wild Wings. FINALLY GETTING MY DAMN BLIZZARD! Trekking through a parking lot with Jenna and Ellen. Shark Week on Discovery.

August 03

Hello St. Louis! When Jenna, Ellen, and I got in, the tent was not set up. Actually, nobody really had tents up. I suppose it had to do with the fact security was being a pain in the behind. We got to the venue at 0845. The tent did not go up until 1016. During this time, Baptiste established I was his assistant/slave and would be his tour/life manager. Feel sorry for me, please. Boy has his ridiculous moments! Set up went by rather quickly and learned that Craig Owens from Chiodos would be doing an acoustic set in our tent. Yay! His set was the same time underOATH took the Main Stage. Surprisingly, you could actually hear Craig. Story! I was texting Ellen at the time when Craig said something about his other band, Cinematic Sunrise, so I did my little YAY! fist shake. Apparently he saw and commented how cute it was. I look up and he’s smiling/speaking to me. Oh my God. DIE. After the acoustic set, Laurita asked if I could help Michelle out on their side of the tent. It was cool. I got to play DJ again, got some gossip from Michelle about some dudes on tour, and watched kids skating the ramp. Baptiste kicked me out of the tent at one point because I never left. Jenna and I made a pitstop at the Millionaires tent. I was so embarrassed for Jenna and she looked like she wanted to kill herself as she bought a shirt for Dan. Made our way back to the tent and I sat myself up on the huge bins because Laurita put the Spencers volunteers to work. Jenna and I then head over to the Skate4Cancer tent because it was right across from ours and we wanted to talk with Rob. Got hugs and high fives. BTW, he agrees with me when I say that high fives are underrated! Breakdown was kind of sad. We gave Jesse, Laurita, and Michelle our cards and hugged because we weren’t sure if we were going to run into them at the BBQ. Katie and Baptiste came to the hotel with us because 1) there was only one shower in the venue 2) we had a shower 3) we were going out to dinner 4) it was easier that way. Dinner was delicious and the ladies and I gave Katie and Baptiste their cards. “Is this a joke?” “No.” “Did you see what I drew?” “You built a treehouse!” We book it back to the venue for the BBQ. Ran into Christina Ko so we got to hand over her card. Trojan Steve was asking if I wanted a bike and that he’d put it in the trunk of our Saturn. It turns out it was Danny’s bike. Baptiste finally played Hear You Me for us and we had a little Kumbaya time. Highlights of the day? Successfully riding a kiddie bike in a dress. Meeting Buddy from Less Than Jake and seeing Jenna’s reaction. Gossip sesh at dinner. Finding out that Attack Attack’s hotel room was right next to ours.

August 04

We woke up thirty minutes before we had to check out. I suppose we didn’t want to wake up knowing that our Warped adventure had come to an end. I cried as we pulled away from the venue the night before and I cried some more in the hotel room. Did I care? No. We managed to check out in time and had breakfast at the Denny’s by our hotel. Our spirits perked up a bit thanks to our wonderful waitress whose name escapes me at the moment. All I know was that she was very sweet. Ellen drove the whole way back and we made a pitstop at the same gas station/DQ. When Jenna and I were in our apartment, it hit us. We were going to our respective homes the next day. Needless to say, it was a bittersweet pill we had to swallow. I had so much fun this summer and it’s depressing to think that I won’t see my Warped family ever again. I’ll keep my hopes up though. You never know what the future holds.


May. 31st, 2009

s t i c k y S W E E T .

It's unbearable right now. For some reason, there are barely any tradewinds. Boo. Anywho, what have I been up to since the last update... I started taking Salsa lessons. Man oh man. It's killer and I'm surprised that there is a decent amount of straight guys my age taking the class as well. Hahahaha. OH! Saw the movie UP on Friday. You should definitely watch it when you get the chance. It's super cute. Alpha was just ridiculous. It reminded my of my own ridiculous Leif Erikson. :] Except, Leif Erikson doesn't have a collar that lets him talk like a chipmunk. HAHA!

Last night I had a 5 hour shoot starting at midnight. It was uber hot at the abandoned hanger especially with all those lights! I'm STILL trying to remove the glitter. If someone tells you to cake on Vaseline, cosmetic powder, and glitter? WALK AWAY! It takes FOREVER to come off. It was fun though. I got to play with a rifle from WWII, parachutes, and all that stuff. I got to wear a harness at one point and repel on the side of the building! SO much fun. I can't wait to see how the final shots look like! :] Anywho, I'm gonna log off right now and stop being anti-social. I mean, nothing screams anti-social more than locking yourself in your guest room at someone's house writing a blog when everybody is outside hanging out by the pool eating some delicious BBQ.


May. 19th, 2009

t i r e s o m e .

Yeah. Watching after Jacob is a job in itself. This kid may just be a year old, but damn... He gets into A LOT of trouble. The other day he climbed up onto my piano, nearly taking out all the figurines and pictures on the top. Did I mentioned he nearly destroyed my MacBook by pushing down on the screen? Oh well. He's so presh. Can't help but love the kid. I'm super sad that they're all leaving tomorrow afternoon for Virginia. Here's to hoping both Joy and Bernard get stationed in Hawaii! If you haven't seen how totally adorable this kid is, head over to my Facebook. Seriously. Everybody's been telling me I'll be one of those parents that shove their kids pictures down people's throats. Haha. That might happen.

OH! Today I went to the eye doctor... and now I wear glasses! Apparently I have a scar in the retina of my right eye AND I am nearsighted AND my right eye is more nearsighted than my left eye. My eyes are STILL dilated. WTF? Can anybody tell me if this is normal? It's been 12 hours since my appointment. I don't think my eyes are supposed to be dilated this long. Anywho, I'm going to bed. I went to bed at 6 this morning only to wake up at 8.

How can you say no to that face? SO presh.

May. 8th, 2009

o w w .

So I'm planning on getting back into tumbling and some form of martial arts (most likely Aikido Kokikai or Jeet Kune Do) to whip back into shape for the beach. Yeah. I woke up this morning and practically gagged at how I let myself go. Really? How'd I reach 130 pounds? Gross. Anywho, I had to do some strength training before getting back into these activities. Let me tell you, I hurt like hell. I can barely do a regular push up. What the hell happened!!! 100 in two minutes would be like 100 in 100 days now. I'm pushing myself to at least get 13 reps in under 2 minutes because that's the minimum a girl my age should be able to do in order to pass the APFT. What sucks is that I can barely do a GIRL push up. FML. Something tells me getting back into shape the way I used to be? Near impossible.

Day One
Push ups: 12 in 2 minutes [mind you, I did GIRL push ups...]
Sit ups: 60 in 2 minutes
2-mile run: 20 minutes
Amount of pain: EXCRUCIATING!!!

Apr. 30th, 2009

h a n g s .

So aside from the fact I had an English final and that the weather was complete shit, today was a good day. After my final, went to Molly's Cupcakes with Dee, Ellen, and Jenna as planned during the NFG show. I got the Strawberry Shortcake cupcake... FINALLY. Let me tell you... IT WAS DELICIOUS. So we worked kind of backwards because we got Sultan's for a really early dinner. Got a Falafel sandwich. Delicious. I thought Medium would have a kick to it. Apparently it wasn't spicy enough for me. Next time I'll get Spicy. Haha. After Sultan's we kicked it on over to Belmont for some American Apparel. Saw a lady dressed in a banana costume... right after we just finished discussing banana costumes and that one guy at the NFG show who dressed as Frylock. Anywho, found out that AA was under construction. Took the Brown Line to Armitage. After AA, we hit up Paul Frank. I needed to get a present for my nephew. He's going to be the badass of the playground. NO lie. I wanted to get him 2 hoodies but I didn't want to blow THAT much cash on him. In the end, I got him a hoodie, stuffed animal, and a blanket w/ a hood. Everything was black and red.

Tomorrow is my last exam for the semester! YAY! Saturday will consist of doing laundry and cleaning my room. Perhaps getting some packing done. Sunday I will be heading up to Mt. Prospect to hang with my friend Ashley who's flying into town. Monday will consist of me cleaning some more and doing more laundry. Tuesday is my flight back to the islands! Kind of bittersweet if you ask me... but I WILL be back.

July 13 - Arrive in Chicago / Green Day
July 14 - Drive to Philly
July 15 - Scranton
July 17 - Camden
July 19 - Oceanport
July 21 - Boston
July 23 - Charlotte
July 24 - Orlando
July 26 - St. Petersburg
July 28 - Atlanta
July 29 - Cincinnati
July 30 - Milwaukee
August 01 - Chicago
August 03 - St. Louis
August 05 - Flight to Hawaii
August 24 - Arrive in Chicago

OH! Does anybody watch the cartoons on Paul Frank? Totally inappropriate... LOL

Apr. 26th, 2009

l o y o l a C A N s u c k I T .

I had a meeting with my academic advisor only to find out that two classes I took did not count for CORE. He suggested I contact CORE for them to override them so I don't have to spend an extra semester. So I contact CORE only to deal with a fucking a-hole named Paul Moser. I explained to him my situation, telling him I have ALL the documents that my former advisor gave me and that we met OVER a year ago on ONE occasion. HOWEVER, this guy tells me that he needs confirmation from my former advisor. So I attempt to contact my former advisor only to have a reply saying that SHE NO LONGER WORKS AT MY FUCKING UNIVERSITY. I am pissed at this point because this fucking d-bag wants confirmation from HER. How the fuck am I supposed to find her? I told him THREE TIMES already that I have all the ORIGINAL documents that my former advisor gave me... and he STILL replies "I need confirmation from your advisor."

I want to march down to his office and shove my 4-year plan binder down his throat. After all, his office is only TWO BUILDINGS away from my apartment AND I have a student ID to get in. Urgh. This entire situation is causing me to have unnecessary stress and anxiety... Of COURSE it had to happen during FINALS WEEK. I can't even CONCENTRATE on the Evaluation III I have to write for my Consumer Surveys & Response Marketing final due tomorrow.

PLUS, I have to email another department to request permission to have my volunteer work with KAB count for my Civic Engagement portion for CORE. URGH. That shouldn't be too bad. I just have to explain to them I've been doing this for so long and I just want to graduate in time.

I hate Loyola right now. I'm going to call my unofficial godfather since my parents are out of the country. He was PLANNING on writing a $500,000 check as a donation to Loyola when I graduate next year and another check for when I finish the Graduate program, but oh well! Guess Loyola can kiss all that money goodbye! I wonder if Fr. Garanzini found out that Moser lost him $1M that would've gone to his building projects, Moser would be in a lot of trouble. I'm frustrated with Loyola's crappy system and I'm frustrated that I have to deal with that piece of shit named Paul Moser.

Whatever. I need some 151 right now.

Apr. 21st, 2009

f a l l ' 0 9 s c h e d u l e .

Monday: No Class
Tuesday: 8:30AM - 3:45PM
Wednesday: 4:15PM - 6:45PM
Thursday: 8:30AM - 3:45PM
Friday: No Class


Apr. 19th, 2009

s u n d a y M O R N I N G .

The school year is coming to an end. I am feeling quite nostalgic for the call of the Pacific Ocean and the tropic breeze that smells so sweet. There is nothing more in life that I want right now than to be in the company of friends and family I haven't seen in months. Oh well. I will be home soon enough. In the mean time, music shall keep me occupied. Want to know what I'm currently listening to? Take a look:

01. Supermassive Black Hole - MUSE
02. Reptilia - The Strokes
03. She Can Get It - Kevin Rudolf
04. Take Me Out - Franz Ferdinand
05. Stellar - Incubus
06. Float On - Modest Mouse

Apr. 6th, 2009

m i s s i o n 2 1 s t B I R T H D A Y .

So my birthday isn't for another seven months, but I want to plan it out. I guess it's because we're doing budgeting for my managerial accounting class. Haha. Here's what I want so far:

- Custom cakes from cakegirls
- Open bar [???]
- Catering of some sort

I'm thinking of pairing up this up with KAB for the Music for Awareness campaign. :] IDK. I'd have to think that one out. Because that means getting bands... and I'm trying to think what bands would do this. I HAVE A VISION PEOPLE!!!

Any ideas? I'm open to them! What sucks is that my birthday falls on a Sunday this year. IDK if people would come out for that since finals are right around the corner AND it's in November. :| Would you come out to celebrate with me?


Apr. 4th, 2009

a p r i l .

I haven't blogged in MONTHS. Odd. Last night there was an art show at A.Okay Official. It was bomb. Free drinks, awesome music, and hangs with some friends. There was this one piece that I wanted but it was 1000 dollars. I did buy something though. I got a new Kidrobot hoodie and might I say, it looks amazing. I wanted a Tokidoki backpack, but the price tag made me want to cry... even with my discount. Oh well. What DID make me want to profusely cry was the fact my U-Pass has gone missing. Blah. Thank goodness I was not alone at the art show or I would have been stuck there. Yay Vee!

Before that, dinner at PMU with Dan, Ellen, and Jenna. Ate some delicious French Toast and had some awesome conversation. Discussed Warped Tour plans. Yay for three weeks on the road! I'm looking forward to it. I'm even taking up 2 jobs during the summer (with a side project) to make some bank to pay for some medical bills and airline tickets. Responsibility? What's that? Haha.

Some new plans? I'm attending grad school. I'll be in Chicago until 2011 instead of 2010! After that, I don't know where I'll be going. I love Chicago. Don't get me wrong. HOWEVER, I don't know if I find myself living here for very long. I have extremes. I'm either moving to the West Coast... or to Europe. WHAT!?! I know. Oh well. I already know what I'm doing immediately after graduation. I have plans to tour the majority of Europe and then I'm off to Asia to visit with family!

The fam-bam is putting together a HUGE reunion starting in Hong Kong then we're off to Xian, Beijing, Tokyo, Kyoto, then lastly the Philippines!!! I better work on my Mandarin AND Cantonese in fear that PoPo will beat my ass. The only things I can say are: Ni hao. Xie xie. Ren shi nin hen gao xing. and Bu hao yi si. I AM SCREWED.

Speaking of being screwed... I have a fever right now... and I have tests on Tuesday and Wednesday. Hopefully the fever breaks or I am going to fail. I don't want my GPA going down the toilet. Seriously. My eyesight is already messing me up when it comes to taking notes. Yeah, I'm getting glasses this summer most likely. Stupid cluster headaches! Messing up my eyesight! This has got to be the most RANDOM blog I have written to date. Don't blame me. I have Sudafed in my system. :|

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