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I haven't blogged in MONTHS. Odd. Last night there was an art show at A.Okay Official. It was bomb. Free drinks, awesome music, and hangs with some friends. There was this one piece that I wanted but it was 1000 dollars. I did buy something though. I got a new Kidrobot hoodie and might I say, it looks amazing. I wanted a Tokidoki backpack, but the price tag made me want to cry... even with my discount. Oh well. What DID make me want to profusely cry was the fact my U-Pass has gone missing. Blah. Thank goodness I was not alone at the art show or I would have been stuck there. Yay Vee!

Before that, dinner at PMU with Dan, Ellen, and Jenna. Ate some delicious French Toast and had some awesome conversation. Discussed Warped Tour plans. Yay for three weeks on the road! I'm looking forward to it. I'm even taking up 2 jobs during the summer (with a side project) to make some bank to pay for some medical bills and airline tickets. Responsibility? What's that? Haha.

Some new plans? I'm attending grad school. I'll be in Chicago until 2011 instead of 2010! After that, I don't know where I'll be going. I love Chicago. Don't get me wrong. HOWEVER, I don't know if I find myself living here for very long. I have extremes. I'm either moving to the West Coast... or to Europe. WHAT!?! I know. Oh well. I already know what I'm doing immediately after graduation. I have plans to tour the majority of Europe and then I'm off to Asia to visit with family!

The fam-bam is putting together a HUGE reunion starting in Hong Kong then we're off to Xian, Beijing, Tokyo, Kyoto, then lastly the Philippines!!! I better work on my Mandarin AND Cantonese in fear that PoPo will beat my ass. The only things I can say are: Ni hao. Xie xie. Ren shi nin hen gao xing. and Bu hao yi si. I AM SCREWED.

Speaking of being screwed... I have a fever right now... and I have tests on Tuesday and Wednesday. Hopefully the fever breaks or I am going to fail. I don't want my GPA going down the toilet. Seriously. My eyesight is already messing me up when it comes to taking notes. Yeah, I'm getting glasses this summer most likely. Stupid cluster headaches! Messing up my eyesight! This has got to be the most RANDOM blog I have written to date. Don't blame me. I have Sudafed in my system. :|


Aw I miss you! I was just there the other day and saw a painting I really wanted for like $600.
Really? Which painting?
I think it was from that shawnimals series or something like that. I don't remember the name. The character was in a hot air balloon and was going into a typhoon or something. It was sooo freaking cool
I KNOW THAT PAINTING! It had an old looking ninja with a mustache!!! :] I want to buy it! I love shawnimals. He had a show at A.Okay a couple of months ago.