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l o y o l a C A N s u c k I T .

I had a meeting with my academic advisor only to find out that two classes I took did not count for CORE. He suggested I contact CORE for them to override them so I don't have to spend an extra semester. So I contact CORE only to deal with a fucking a-hole named Paul Moser. I explained to him my situation, telling him I have ALL the documents that my former advisor gave me and that we met OVER a year ago on ONE occasion. HOWEVER, this guy tells me that he needs confirmation from my former advisor. So I attempt to contact my former advisor only to have a reply saying that SHE NO LONGER WORKS AT MY FUCKING UNIVERSITY. I am pissed at this point because this fucking d-bag wants confirmation from HER. How the fuck am I supposed to find her? I told him THREE TIMES already that I have all the ORIGINAL documents that my former advisor gave me... and he STILL replies "I need confirmation from your advisor."

I want to march down to his office and shove my 4-year plan binder down his throat. After all, his office is only TWO BUILDINGS away from my apartment AND I have a student ID to get in. Urgh. This entire situation is causing me to have unnecessary stress and anxiety... Of COURSE it had to happen during FINALS WEEK. I can't even CONCENTRATE on the Evaluation III I have to write for my Consumer Surveys & Response Marketing final due tomorrow.

PLUS, I have to email another department to request permission to have my volunteer work with KAB count for my Civic Engagement portion for CORE. URGH. That shouldn't be too bad. I just have to explain to them I've been doing this for so long and I just want to graduate in time.

I hate Loyola right now. I'm going to call my unofficial godfather since my parents are out of the country. He was PLANNING on writing a $500,000 check as a donation to Loyola when I graduate next year and another check for when I finish the Graduate program, but oh well! Guess Loyola can kiss all that money goodbye! I wonder if Fr. Garanzini found out that Moser lost him $1M that would've gone to his building projects, Moser would be in a lot of trouble. I'm frustrated with Loyola's crappy system and I'm frustrated that I have to deal with that piece of shit named Paul Moser.

Whatever. I need some 151 right now.


i havent read this yet but there is a lot of CORE
Haha. Thanks, Queen Bee D. :] He gave in. Yay for avoiding being THAT person who was stuck in college for an extra semester. :D