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m i s s i o n 2 1 s t B I R T H D A Y .

So my birthday isn't for another seven months, but I want to plan it out. I guess it's because we're doing budgeting for my managerial accounting class. Haha. Here's what I want so far:

- Custom cakes from cakegirls
- Open bar [???]
- Catering of some sort

I'm thinking of pairing up this up with KAB for the Music for Awareness campaign. :] IDK. I'd have to think that one out. Because that means getting bands... and I'm trying to think what bands would do this. I HAVE A VISION PEOPLE!!!

Any ideas? I'm open to them! What sucks is that my birthday falls on a Sunday this year. IDK if people would come out for that since finals are right around the corner AND it's in November. :| Would you come out to celebrate with me?



If that happens can I please go with you to see them?!!!!
Of course! I need to know if people would eat the cake! :]