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h a n g s .

So aside from the fact I had an English final and that the weather was complete shit, today was a good day. After my final, went to Molly's Cupcakes with Dee, Ellen, and Jenna as planned during the NFG show. I got the Strawberry Shortcake cupcake... FINALLY. Let me tell you... IT WAS DELICIOUS. So we worked kind of backwards because we got Sultan's for a really early dinner. Got a Falafel sandwich. Delicious. I thought Medium would have a kick to it. Apparently it wasn't spicy enough for me. Next time I'll get Spicy. Haha. After Sultan's we kicked it on over to Belmont for some American Apparel. Saw a lady dressed in a banana costume... right after we just finished discussing banana costumes and that one guy at the NFG show who dressed as Frylock. Anywho, found out that AA was under construction. Took the Brown Line to Armitage. After AA, we hit up Paul Frank. I needed to get a present for my nephew. He's going to be the badass of the playground. NO lie. I wanted to get him 2 hoodies but I didn't want to blow THAT much cash on him. In the end, I got him a hoodie, stuffed animal, and a blanket w/ a hood. Everything was black and red.

Tomorrow is my last exam for the semester! YAY! Saturday will consist of doing laundry and cleaning my room. Perhaps getting some packing done. Sunday I will be heading up to Mt. Prospect to hang with my friend Ashley who's flying into town. Monday will consist of me cleaning some more and doing more laundry. Tuesday is my flight back to the islands! Kind of bittersweet if you ask me... but I WILL be back.

July 13 - Arrive in Chicago / Green Day
July 14 - Drive to Philly
July 15 - Scranton
July 17 - Camden
July 19 - Oceanport
July 21 - Boston
July 23 - Charlotte
July 24 - Orlando
July 26 - St. Petersburg
July 28 - Atlanta
July 29 - Cincinnati
July 30 - Milwaukee
August 01 - Chicago
August 03 - St. Louis
August 05 - Flight to Hawaii
August 24 - Arrive in Chicago

OH! Does anybody watch the cartoons on Paul Frank? Totally inappropriate... LOL