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o w w .

So I'm planning on getting back into tumbling and some form of martial arts (most likely Aikido Kokikai or Jeet Kune Do) to whip back into shape for the beach. Yeah. I woke up this morning and practically gagged at how I let myself go. Really? How'd I reach 130 pounds? Gross. Anywho, I had to do some strength training before getting back into these activities. Let me tell you, I hurt like hell. I can barely do a regular push up. What the hell happened!!! 100 in two minutes would be like 100 in 100 days now. I'm pushing myself to at least get 13 reps in under 2 minutes because that's the minimum a girl my age should be able to do in order to pass the APFT. What sucks is that I can barely do a GIRL push up. FML. Something tells me getting back into shape the way I used to be? Near impossible.

Day One
Push ups: 12 in 2 minutes [mind you, I did GIRL push ups...]
Sit ups: 60 in 2 minutes
2-mile run: 20 minutes
Amount of pain: EXCRUCIATING!!!