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t i r e s o m e .

Yeah. Watching after Jacob is a job in itself. This kid may just be a year old, but damn... He gets into A LOT of trouble. The other day he climbed up onto my piano, nearly taking out all the figurines and pictures on the top. Did I mentioned he nearly destroyed my MacBook by pushing down on the screen? Oh well. He's so presh. Can't help but love the kid. I'm super sad that they're all leaving tomorrow afternoon for Virginia. Here's to hoping both Joy and Bernard get stationed in Hawaii! If you haven't seen how totally adorable this kid is, head over to my Facebook. Seriously. Everybody's been telling me I'll be one of those parents that shove their kids pictures down people's throats. Haha. That might happen.

OH! Today I went to the eye doctor... and now I wear glasses! Apparently I have a scar in the retina of my right eye AND I am nearsighted AND my right eye is more nearsighted than my left eye. My eyes are STILL dilated. WTF? Can anybody tell me if this is normal? It's been 12 hours since my appointment. I don't think my eyes are supposed to be dilated this long. Anywho, I'm going to bed. I went to bed at 6 this morning only to wake up at 8.

How can you say no to that face? SO presh.